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Porsche: More impressions from Porsche Winter Driving School

Porsche Winter Driving School
Some days ago we had some impressions from Porsche of America’s Winter Driving School. You liked it very much, so here’s more. Enjoy!

We had the chance to attend Audi Japan’s Driving Experience last year with a very similar program. Have a look at our video report!

When the weather turns cold, scores of well-to-do winter sports enthusiasts flock to the high slopes of Vail valley in Colorado for world-class skiing and snowboarding. But about 20 miles west of Vail Village, high upon a privately owned mountain, sits a secret winter wonderland: a racetrack made of snow and ice.

The Colorado school is based on Porsche’s Camp4 program in Finland, a winter-driving program in its eighth year that takes place at the Arctic Driving Center, a test facility long used by car manufacturers for covert cold-weather testing.

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Source: News.com