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Porsche Panamera: New artist’s impression

Porsche Panamera
Here’s a new artist’s impression on how the Porsche Panamera might look like in 2009.
If you want to see some moving pictures, scroll down for a spy video.

As expected the Panamera will most likely share a similar front to the rest of the Porsche lineup, however the car is inherently different to the rest of the German stable.

Unlike the 911, the Panamera is a conventional front-engined rear-wheel drive that will become Porsche’s Grand Tourer.

Porsche insiders have said the Panamera range will include at least three engine choices, Volkswagen’s 3.5-litre six-cylinder, which develops a healthy 223kW and Porsche’s own direct-injection eight-cylinder petrol engines, available in naturally-aspirated guise (261kW) and with twin-turbos (417kW).

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Source: CarAdvice