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Volkswagen: Using India as base for world market

A very interesting article on how Volkswagen is checking to use India as base to produce their world cars.

Bangalore: Auto giant Volkswagen may use India as a base to make cars exclusively for the world market.

The Managing Director for Volkswagen passenger cars for India, Mr Andreas Prinz, told Business Line that once the company starts making cars for the Indian market, it might also look at manufacturing models exclusively for the export market.

Volkswagen is setting up a €410-million production plant in Pune for manufacture of B/B Plus segment car specifically designed for India. Volkswagen will have its own vendor base located around the manufacturing plant.

The car is expected to hit the market sometime in 2009. Mr Prinz said the car will be based on Volkswagen’s new generation Polo model but may not be called by the same name. “The car made in India will have higher wheel base with better ground clearance and also have bigger capacity inside the car,” he said.

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Source: IBEF