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VW Passat: Gay review of the sedan and wagon

VW Passat
We found a very interesting review of the VW Passat on a website for gays. Have a read!

We drove the 2007 VW Passat 2.0T wagon during a quick trip to Los Angeles. It looks great, handles just like the sedan and the wonderful turbo-charged two-liter engine was great for blasting around LA’s freeways. It has just a little bit of turbo lag but not enough to make most people notice. Coupled with the six-speed automatic, it is entertaining and fuel efficient — adjectives not normally associated with wagons.

Fit and finish were superb and nice touches like the electric rear tailagate show that VW’s product planners spent some time with busy parents or some shopaholic quee … I mean, “restraint-challenged” gay boys. If you want a German with a lot of room in the back, the VW Passat Wagon is worth a look.

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Source: Gay