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VW Polo: Horse of a different color

VW Polo
Interesting review here of the VW Polo from Jamaica!

The Germans do things differently. They actually think about the products they put out, whether it be aircraft or automobiles. Other automakers may have more passion about what they do, but passion does not always solve problems in any field of endeavour, and sometimes gets in the way of effective engineering.

Its small size makes lane changing effortless, and should be easy to park. Like any small engine, the engine has to be squeezed hard to get anything out of it, but rowing the tiptronic selector makes it seems worthwhile. Polo understeers at the limit, and while its bigger brother the Golf has a more confidence inspiring chassis, ‘bahn’ burning is not what his car is about. It is an economy car, after all.

Polo is not so forgettable this time around. With features that are found on more expensive vehicles, its greatest testament to its reason for being is probably this: Automotives covered 70-odd miles on varying stretches of road, both in the city and on the free way, including some panic stops and several 11 second zero to 60 runs. We were given Polo with a full tank. When we handed it back to Motor Sales, the gas gauge needle hadn’t moved.

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Source: Jamaica Gleaner