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VW Scirocco: Sales brochure leaked, including pictures

VW Scirocco
A sales brochure for the VW Scirocco has been leaked including some blurry camera phone pictures. Can’t wait to see the real deal.

Although prototypes of Volkswagen’s upcoming Scirocco hatch have already been spotted, this is the first time images of the car are available without any camo gear. Admittedly we don’t get to see much of the new model but we do finally see the final shape of the headlights, part of the flanks and a glimpse of the interior.

Now that brochures have been printed, it’s highly likely the first production models are already being assembled at VW’s Portugal plant. Both FWD and AWD models will be available, along with DSG transmissions plus turbodiesel and petrol engines. A range topper could even be offered with the Golf R32’s torquey V6.

VW Scirocco
VW Scirocco

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Source: Motor Authority