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VW Tiguan: Reviewed

VW Tiguan
Here’s a nice review of the VW Tiguan.

It’s an appropriate course for VW’s new, downsized sport-utility vehicle. What one senior executive calls “the little brother” to Volkswagen’s big Touareg, the new Tiguan is designed to be a do-it-all vehicle: with the go-anywhere capabilities of an SUV, but the comfort, handling, and fuel efficiency of a sedan.

Visually, the Tiguan 18 is the more attractive package. It’s got a more traditionally rugged look than some of the newer Japanese entries into the compact crossover segment. The double mesh air intakes below the bumper give VW’s offering a particularly sporty feel, complimenting the twin-crossbar grille, with its large VW badge. Cat’s-eye headlamps wrap into the fenders and are paired with fog lamps in the lower fascia.

To deliver a roomy package, with plenty of usable cargo space, VW designers gave the relatively short-wheelbase Tiguan a high and gently arcing roofline. Gracefully sculpted side panels, large windows, and minimal cladding on the rocker panel keep the feel balanced and avoid the impression that the Tiguan is a tall wagon.

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Source: Business Week, picture by VW