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VW Touran: New spy shots of upcoming facelift

VW Touran
We found some new spy shots of the upcoming facelift of the VW Touaran. Enjoy!

The front of the new Touran should be more shapely though, with sharper Eos-style lights. We also expect the Touran to have a few hints of the Up concept in it, as a company official confirmed to CAR that the little family of concepts preview VW’s future design language.

Expect the new model to be more gizmo-packed. The current Touran was one of the first models to pioneer ‘park assist’ – you control the pedals while the car does the wheel-twirling for you. Expect the Touran to offer an updated Park Assist, as well as some of the new technology shown on the Passat CC. Touch-screen sat-nav, lane assist, and ‘mobility tyres’ that enclose sharp objects while keeping the tyre sealed should although appear, though perhaps not all will be available in th UK.

VW Touran
VW Touran

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Source: Car