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Audi Q5: Hybrid coming to US prior to diesel

Audi Q5
In an interview between Joel Weinberger, head of Audi’s dealer council in the US, and Automotive News it was revealed that Audi will bring an Audi Q5 Hybrid prior to an Audi Q5 with diesel. Have a look at the complete interview, it’s very interesting.

Can Audi sell a diesel?

Yes, we can sell it and we can sell it in multiple car lines — Q7 first. The Q5 will go hybrid first and not diesel. You can only have so many drivetrains. It comes down to pricing too. Audi has told me the unit cost of a diesel is $4,000 more but they realize they cannot sell it for $4,000 more — the premium will be half of that. We’ll sell them if they can keep pricing in line.

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Source: Autonews, picture by Autoblog/Autobild