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Audi R4: Preview

Audi R4
The rumors about the Audi R4, said to be a Porsche Cayman-killer, are not ending. Here’s an outlook to 2011 when the Audi R4 is said to arrive.

Like the R8, the new R4 will feature aggressive styling and will only be able to seat two. Several engine options will be on offer as this won’t be an exclusive supercar like its bigger brother. Expect to see a range-topping model with a high-output turbocharged mill developing in excess of 300hp. Base models, meanwhile, will make do with an uprated version of the 2.0L TFSI engine.

As this rendering suggests, the R4 will pick up some styling cues from the recent A1 Metroproject concept car as well as share many similarities with the bigger R8. Although it doesn’t have the familiar side-blades, the R4 still features a pair of gaping vents positioned in front of the rear wheels. The chassis will feature steel construction but engineers are targeting a final kerb weight of around 1,250kg.

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Source: Motor Authority