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Audi R8: Pimped by PPI

Audi R8
As said earlier we are no huge fans of modding the Audi R8, because it’s great as it is coming out of the factory. We are still undecided if we like the Audi R8 Razor by PPI or not, but the huge wing at the rear is definitely a no-go.

With the launching of the R8, Audi heats up against rivals Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley vigorously providing stiff competition. The Swabian, German tuners PPI Automotive Design GmbH, customize Audi’s flagship sportscar by stoking up the fire with even more coal going that extra mile by providing an enhanced look combined with improved driving dynamics. A wind tunnel-tested aerodynamic kit of carbon fibre in combination with a performance enhancement and special lightweight magnesium wheels in 19-inch dimensions provides measurably improved appearance whether on the race track or the elegant promenade of the elite jet set.

Audi R8

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Source: Fourtitude