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Audi S5: Audi scores a coup

Audi S5
Nice review here of the Audi S5, one the most beautiful cars on earth.

Beautiful, sophisticated and dynamic, the powerful 2008 S5 sport coupe is the car that finally allows Audi to challenge BMW as the premier luxury-performance brand.

The S5 is the V8-powered performance version of the new A5 coupe, which in turn is the two-door version of the German brand’s great-looking new A4 sport sedan.

Wide and low, it is by far the best-looking big car ever from Audi. The sophisticated exterior can look simple, almost bland, at first glance, but it abounds in details that grow more appealing every time you see the S5.

The subtle, sweeping shoulder line from stem to stern is elegant; the long hood and wraparound fenders promise power and performance.

Audi has been a leader in interior and exterior design for decades. In the S5, it has delivered an exceptional sport coupe.

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Source: Seattle Times