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Audi S5: GT Coupe packed full of emotion and power

Audi S5
We found a very nice review of the Audi S5 from Canada. Enjoy!


That’s the Audi S5 in a nutshell: two doors, four driven wheels, 6 manually-shifted gears and a wicked V8 under the hood. As coupes in their lineup go, there’s the smaller and less powerful TT and the twice as expensive R8- but if it’s serious velocity and relative value you’re after, the S5 is positioned perfectly.

The body is swooping and elegant on a higher level than most of its siblings, and it gracefully struts for attention everywhere it winds up. It’s sexy and lean and scandalous looking. Perhaps the sheet-metal equivalent of Anna Kournikova in a red dress.

Open the throttle and S5 glides onwards with urgency, leaping from one gear into the next.

Hit any combination of snow, ice, pavement or sand in the process, and the Quattro system instantly adapts- leaving drivers to enjoy nothing more than seamless, liquid power delivery while the tailpipes gush pure aural testosterone.

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Source: Canada East, picture by Audi