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Audi S6: A V10 snowmobile

Audi S6
We found a very interesting review of the Audi S6 who’s V10 quattro is unstoppable in snow.

Our Audi S6, with its terrific cabin and its sweet and savage V10 power, got lots of requests for “extended stays” during its second quarter. And it served especially well when winter hit.

As one happy driver put it: “The heft of the car, the quattro and the grip of the snow tires made snow a nonfactor.”

Two editors have gone on record saying they would take this Audi over a BMW M5. Wrote one of them: “The V10 is a sweet and smooth beast, laugh-out-loud fun when you stomp the throttle. The ride is a tad harsh, but it’s an absolute joy when you have smooth pavement ahead of you.” And from the other: “The seats rock, and the power from the V10 is good once you git ‘er up over three grand. The body is nice and subtle, stealthy. The cabin is great. I’m no MMI fan, but I’ll take it all day over iDrive.”

In another comparison-with our long-term Lexus LS 460 L-the Audi’s roomy trunk was praised, a pleasure after the skimpy trunk of the Lexus.

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Source: Autoweek