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Audi TT: Hipster moderne

Audi TT
We found a very nice review of the Audi TT. Enjoy!

Designers, of course, loved it. Indeed, since the TT, Audi has made the MacBook-using, Prague-summering, black turtleneck-wearing creative class something of a captive audience. The company has pushed Audis in the hands of star-chitects such as Frank Gehry and Richard Meier. The print-ad buying has zeroed in on graphic, fashion and industrial designers, and those who patronize them (note the full- pagers in Dwell magazine). Even the brand’s Truth in Engineering tag line sounds like something out of John Ruskin.

With the second-generation and redesigned TT (out since late 2006), the matter has become more complex. We know the car is supremely hip. But are you, Mr. and Mrs. Consumer, hip enough? Take this test:

* Have you ever referred to a sidewalk as “contested space”?

* Do your eyeglasses have cantilevers?

* Do you use the word “ascendancy” when you mean “up”?

* Do you have framed lithographs of the work of Étienne-Louis Boullée on your office wall?

* Do you consider any room above ground floor a loft?

* Are two or more of your children named Dieter?

Four or more “yes” answers means you’re ready to buy.

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Source: LA Times