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Bentley Brooklands: 2 doors, 4 seats, 6 figures

Bentley Brooklands
We found a very nice review of the Bentley Brooklands here from Canada. Enjoy!

The low-slung roof and true “hardtop convertible” pillarless, body-side construction is beautiful, and makes the car look substantially smaller than the sedan.

Wheelbase and width remain as with Arnage and Azure; the Brooklands regains rear-seat legroom lost in the Azure to that car’s pop-up roll-over hoops, making Brooklands among the roomiest coupes.

As with all members of this branch of the family tree, Brooklands is powered by a 6.75 L twin-turbocharged V8 engine, each one hand-built at the Crewe England factory by a team of technicians; the team leader affixes a nameplate bearing his signature to each unit his crew assembles.

The interior is the definition of sumptuous – even the headliner is leather-trimmed. Choice abounds. If none of the standard 42 exterior colours (one, a coral, has never been picked), 25 colours of leather and three wood veneers for dash, console and door trim rotate your Rolex, send (or, better still, bring) a colour sample to Crewe, and the company’s in-house customizing operation, Mulliner, will do its level best.

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Source: Wheels.ca