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Bentley Brooklands: Driving report from Tuscany

Bentley Brooklands
Here’s another very nice driving report of the Bentley Brooklands from Tuscany. Nice pictures too!

‘Riding the wave’ is how Bentley’s engineering supremo Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn describes the Brooklands experience. It’s a reference to the new coupé’s world-beating 1050Nm of torque and he’s not exaggerating: the 2655kg full four-seater will cover the vital 50 to 70mph ‘overtaking dash’ in just 2.4 seconds.

Top speed is 184mph (296km/h), and Eichhorn has a meaningful glint in his eye when he makes the point that ‘road testers usually manage to reach, or exceed, our quoted maximum’. Okay, message received…

Bentley Brooklands

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Source: Classic Driver