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Bentley Brooklands: Driving report

Bentley Brooklands
Most of us will not even come close to ever drive a Bentley Brooklands. That’s why we want to share somebody else’s driving impressions with you.

For this story right now, it would be too easy to lay on you, first thing, the technical specifications of Bentley’s beast coupe. It would be easier still to share the fine old British historical reasoning behind its Brooklands name.

It would be too easy and too cruel, for what you really want to know is just how this mother of all two-doors drives.


It is especially bitchin’ if you like battleships with unworldly torque and a twin-turbocharged ingot of an engine whose spooling turbos shriek when you get into the throttle and when you back out, and it is especially bitchin’ if you’re likely to smile while getting the bejeezus scared out of you under power.

Yeah, it is that much fun.

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Source: Autoweek