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Bentley Brooklands: Test drive report

Bentley Brooklands
More and more test drive reports of the Bentley Brooklands are popping in and they have one thing in common, they all love the car!

But in this era when most Bentleys are built more quickly and sold more cheaply than ever before, for a small number of die-hard traditionalists it is reassuring to know that some things at Bentley never change. Leather is still stitched by rows of ladies with sewing machines, woodworking skills are still handed down from parent to child. Walk about in Crewe and you’ll not just see robots, lasers and computers – you’ll see chisels, lathes and hammers too. And, for just a few very monied individuals, a small number of old school Bentleys are still painstakingly constructed over a period of several months. This, the Bentley Brooklands, is the newest and best of the lot.

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Source: 4Car