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Bentley Continental GT: Ice T gets a murder red Bentley

Bentley Continental GT
We stumbled over this site and found that rapper Ice T is getting a candy red (“murder” red) Bentley Continental GT. Have a look!

What more can you say today The “O.G.” himself Ice T and beautiful wife Coco came to the shop to check out the progress on the “Murder” Red Bentley GT (Color made special for Ice by Alsa just for this project). Cameras rolled as Ice ripped apart the crew that attempted to paint his Bentley for him in N.Y. need less to say the screwed it up BIG-TIME.

Ice reminds them on camera, N.Y. we love you BUT there’s only one place to go if you really want that Candy Paint done and done right…and that is CALIFORNIA where it was born, and obviously HARD Lifestyle, where it was PERFECTED!

Coco was on hand to give her “seal of approval” and once we knew she liked the color, the rest would be easy!

Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GT

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Source: It’s a hard lifestyle