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Bentley: Soon coming with 1100 Watt high-end audio system by Naim

Bentley has announced an exclusive partnership with British high-end audio manufacturer Naim and you can soon hear the results at a Bentley near you.

Bentley Motors has entered into partnership with Naim Audio, one of the world’s most respected creators of hi-fi systems, to produce an unparalleled in-car sound system for all its future models. After 18 months of research and development, the result is an ‘as-live’ in-car audio experience which remains true to both Bentley and Naim’s philosophy of no compromise in the search for quality.

From design concept to production, Bentley and Naim’s engineers worked closely together to create the sound system, which is carefully tuned for each model using the most advanced acoustic analysis. Each system features an 1100 Watt amplifier – the world’s most powerful production unit fitted in a car – and, depending on model, up to 15 speakers with drive units specifically designed for Bentley by Naim. Bentley is also the first car manufacturer to use a next-generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in its audio system, enhancing the listening experience still further.

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Source: Autoblog