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Porsche 911: A working life’s lunch value can buy you one!

Porsche 911
If you are living in the UK and go out for lunch everyday during your working life, you spend around £70.000. That’s exactly how much you need for a Porsche 911. Which would you choose?

Brits spend over £70,000 on lunches during their working lives, enough to buy a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet.

Research by the free finance exhibition Your Money Matters reveals an average UK office worker starting their career in 2008 will spend £70,680 on shop-bought lunches over 40 years – with the meal now costing £4.37 rising with inflation to £11.44 in 2074 for a sandwich, crisps and soft drink – assuming in the robot future we won’t be eating protein pills.

On average office lunches now cost £1,048.80 a year.

Ceri Rogers, spokesman for Your Money Matters, said: “The amount of money we all spend on lunch is crazy.

“If we took just a few minutes to plan ahead rather than heading straight out to expensive sandwich bars every day, we could save a small fortune that could be put towards something fantastic like a new car or a deposit on a flat.”

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Source: My Finances