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Porsche 9FF GT9: Video review

Porsche 9FF GT9
Have a look at one of the first, most probably THE first, video reviews of the Porsche 9FF GT9. A must see!

It’s not every day that you climb into a £350,000 car dubbed the Veyron killer and get invited to put your foot down on Britain’s fastest test track. Naturally you don’t ask too many questions in case the owner changes his mind or the rain starts again. Or the health and safety people hanging around in high-vis jackets slap a speed restriction on the circuit.

With hindsight, it would have been wiser to have waited for a briefing on some of the car’s more eccentric features. For example, it has no electronic stability program or traction control, which means there’s nothing to stop the wheels spinning on a wet track. Also, it lacks the kind of safety features you’d expect in a supercar. Airbags? No. Wing mirrors? One. Crumple zone? At 250mph, that would be the driver. In fact this is not so much a car as a bomb with some wheels and carpet attached.

Officially known as the GT9, it’s called a Veyron killer because in tests it has reached 300kph (186.41mph) in just 17.6sec, 0.6sec quicker than the Bugatti, and its top speed is claimed to be 254.77mph, a shade faster than the 253.81mph Veyron.

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Source: Times Online, picture by Speedheads