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Porsche Cayenne: Fast and nimble

Porsche Cayenne
Here’s an interesting review of the Porsche Cayenne: the author seems to like the car, except its price. Well, looks like he is not the target group of Porsche …

The mighty Porsche boasts superb handling for an off-roader. Despite its size and weight, the Cayenne corners superbly, generating amazing levels of grip and tackling twisty roads at hot hatch speeds. This is only enhanced with the optional Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control and Porsche Active Suspension Management systems; they give the steering even more feedback and make the SUV yet more nimble, while also improving a ride quality that, in pre-facelift-guise, was jarring. Direct-injection petrol engines are very fast, particularly the astonishing V8 twin-turbo, which dashes to 60mph in 5 seconds, and can hit 170mph.

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Source: Auto Express