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Porsche: Learn how to drift in snowy Sweden

If you want to become a drift master, then you should consider this program by Kall Auto Lodge where you take some Porsche out for drifting in the snow. Sounds great!

Then it’s my turn. Kall Auto Lodge has previously only been open to corporate clients such as WRC rally teams and car manufacturers but is now taking private clients, and who wouldn’t want to learn how to handle ice-driving in a Porsche Carrera 4S? Or a Carrera 4, Targa 4S or Cayenne S?

Balancing a Porsche in a perfect power-slide on ice may look easy but, rest assured, it’s not. During training, the instructors will let you drive the ice courses with safety systems both off and on, the goal being to improve your handling of the car safely with them turned off. When satisfied with your abilities they move on to harder tasks: giant slalom, sliding in a figure of eight and other difficult manoeuvres.

With that much power at your hands (and feet) and such a sensitive throttle, it’s not only cornering abilities that are fine-tuned. You learn to hone your right foot as well, as the slightest excess in power makes the tail-end break loose and you’ll have a lot of work correcting the fish-tailing with opposite lock. Kall uses specially studded tyres for ice-driving, but these allow for some slip and it takes a while before getting the courage to use the Porsche’s 350bhp, flat-six engine to full capacity.


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Source: Classic Driver