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VW City Golf: An impressive package

VW City Golf
Here’s a very positive review of the Canadian VW City Golf.

With Volkswagen’s proven 2.0 liter four putting out 115 horsepower, my zero to 100 times may seem a bit long, but the car was so much fun I never noticed. At speed, corners could be handled easily with the nose starting to push out a bit if I started to over cook it a bit. I could always tell when I was on the edge of traction, as the steering would start feel a bit heavy.

I actually had to haul some things around in the Golf and I was amazed at how much stuff I could cram into the back before I had to lay the seat down.

Underneath that hatchback is enough space that I think you could actually get luggage for four in there and keep the seats up to seat four.

My first impression of the City seems to be taking an about face. As far as I’m concerned, the City is a great package and I am well impressed.

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Source: Canada.com, picture by VW