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VW City Golf: Road test

VW City Golf
Here’s a nice road test of the VW City Golf.

$15,300. That’s all it takes to own a four-door 2008 City Golf with a height adjustable driver’s seat and tilt/telescopic steering. Sure, adding air conditioning, cruise control and power windows will dull some of the base-price luster but audiophiles will appreciate the eight-speaker, MP3-readable audio system provided as standard equipment.

My nicely packaged tester tallied $18,624, and included all the above-noted accessories plus 15-inch alloy wheels, power locks, heated power exterior mirrors, keyless entry, centre-armrest and side curtain protection. A six-speed automatic transmission featuring Volkswagen’s Tiptronic manual-mode technology will add $1,400 to the above-mentioned pricing. This week’s ride housed a five-speed manual stick, which I was happy to find.

The City Golf delivers interior quality consistent with vehicles costing substantially more. Cabin construction is solid and accurate while materials in use are easy on the eye and pleasing to touch. Long stretches of hard plastic, typical of this segment, are non-existent.

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Source: Auto123