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VW Eos: Comparison test against Volvo C70

VW Eos
We found an interesting comparison test of the VW Eos agains the Volvo C70, something many people might look into. Enjoy!

However, the self-assurance that informs the design of the interior is also apparent in the manner in which the Eos travels down the road. The 138bhp diesel is as punchy as its 236lb/ft of torque can make it, in this instance mated to a slick shifting six-speed manual gearbox. This is poles apart from the C70’s cumbersome five-speed automatic which is slow to kickdown and largely robs the C70 of its 40bhp power advantage. The torque advantage is smaller, just 32lb/ft and helps explain why the Volvo, despite on paper having a second and half over the Eos to 62mph, never feels that much quicker.

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Source: MSN