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VW Golf R32: Reviewed!

VW Golf R32
We found another nice review of the VW Golf R32. Great car!

Like a dachshund with a German Shepherd’s bark and a Dalmatian’s bite, the 2008 Volkswagen R32 is a small dog, but it’s fast and packs a punch.

This car is fast, and it has a good roar to it when you rev the engine — this is not supposed to be the case with a small car. You expect a Fast and the Furious-inspired high-pitched squeal out of a small car’s engine, not something more suited to a Mustang.

It’s like this: when you’re in the left lane on I95 and someone is going 70 in front of you. If you let off the gas and then give it a good rev, they’ll get the picture and get out of the way.

This is a hot car. In the $30,000 range, it’s priced between affordability and luxury, but it gives you a ton of the luxury features you’d expect on a $50,000 car.

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Source: Blast