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VW Jetta TDI: US arrival confirmed for June 2008!

VW Jetta TDI
VW has officially confirmed that the VW Jetta TDI will arrive at US soil in June 2008. Great news for all diesel lovers!

At the Chicago Auto Show today Volkswagen spokesman Keith Price confirms that the first new CleanTDI models will be arriving at Volkswagen dealerships in June 2008. Each dealer in United States and Canada will get one example from the initial batch of 1,000 cars.

These first cars will be used to introduce potential customers to the new CleanTDI technology with test drives available throughout the summer. In late August to early September regular volumes of diesel Jettas will go on sale at Volkswagen dealers throughout North America.

The new CleanTDI Jetta will be Volkswagen’s first 50-state legal Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions compliant diesel model. In 2006, the last year that a 45-state legal diesel Jetta was available, the diesel comprised 30 percent of Jetta sales nationally even though it was not available in California and four north eastern states.

In November 2008 Volkswagen will begin production of the new Touareg CleanTDI SUV with sales to follow around the end of the year.

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Source: VWvortex