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VW: Park Assist confirmed for commercial vehicles

Park Assist
VW has confirmed to introduce the Park Assist functionality also into their commercial vehicles.

The park assist uses sensors, cameras and computer-links to the electronically assisted steering system to parallel reverse the vehicle into a parking space on either side of the road.

The driver simply switches on park assist when approaching a line of parked vehicles with suitable gaps and the electronics measure gaps, alerting the driver if there is one large enough for the vehicle.

Once a suitable gap is found the driver simply takes hands of the wheel and lets park assist take over turning the wheel as necessary to slip into the gap. Only the speed of the reverse and any forward correction is controlled by the driver.

Engineers have set up the Tiguan park assist to work up to 1.5 metres out from the line of parked vehicles and to find a gap a little over 1 metre longer than the vehicle.

Settings can be altered in the factory so a wide van with rear opening doors might need a longer space behind than a metre.

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Source: MotorTorque