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VW Phaeton: Diesel coming for US?

VW Phaeton
There’s a rumor out there that VW might re-launch the VW Phaeton in the US as a diesel.

As for the new model, it could potentially feature VW’s advanced turbodiesel technology and utilize Audi’s new modular platform to create a true premium flagship.

The information comes from VW’s U.S. Chief Stefan Jacoby, who told reporters from Automotive News that if VW wants to be bigger in the U.S. it will have to offer a broader range of vehicles to meet the “needs and wants of a diverse American customer universe.” One of the vehicles near the top of Jacoby’s list is a new Phaeton. Just last month he told reporters at a news conference that it was a mistake to end Phaeton sales in North America.

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Source: Motor Authority