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VW up!: To be called VW Lupo from 2011

VW up!
No surprise to us as we have reported about it earlier, but it’s now official. The VW up! will be called VW Lupo when it hits the roads in 2011.

Due out in 2011, the new compact cars are set to replace the Fox at the entry level in the Volkswagen lineup. The Lupo will use an all-new rear-engine/rear-wheel-drive layout that is said to enable them to be produced much more cheaply and with greater production-line efficiency than traditional front-engine/front-wheel-drive small cars.

Although not alluded to at the time of their unveilings at last year’s Frankfurt and Tokyo auto shows, the unusual name of the concept cars was a thinly veiled hint at the re-emergence of the Lupo name, by using its middle two letters followed by an exclamation mark — Up!

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Source: Inside Line