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Audi A5 Cabrio: Confirmed, to be build in Neckarsulm

Audi A5 Cabrio
You can take this as the ultimate confirmation: the Audi A5 Cabrio has been officially confirmed to be build in Neckarsulm. Can’t wait to drive it!

A new convertible A5 will be ready for the road come 2009. CEO Frank Dreves, speaking in the pages of “A.m.u.s”, gave details that the facilities at Neckarsulm will produce the new Audi cabriolet. There are no technical indiscretions either, regarding a possible hard-top roof (as seen in the latest generation BMW Series 3 cabrio, principle competitor); therefore it seems that the A5 for the moment will remain faithful to the fabric roof, to the advantage of weight and charm. More precise details are available for sales prospects though, at about 28,000 units each year.

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Source: Automobilwoche, Eurocarblog