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Audi: Audi Forum Ingolstadt renewed

Audi Forum Ingolstadt
The Audi Forum Ingolstadt which is also a huge handover zone for happy new owners has received a major overhaul. Make sure to stop by when you are close.

With the reopening of the Customer Center, the visit has now become even more attractive for customers picking up their new cars. Customers from all over the world are now greeted with a welcome banner in multiple languages at the expanded central reception. The completely redesigned check-in with seating area is now easier to reach with an escalator. An espresso bar, a separate area for new-car pickup and lounges make the moments up to handover of the new car even more individualized. The customer is welcomed upstairs, while the new car awaits its owner one storey below. Below the gallery, an illuminated wall and ceiling with 2,000 neon tubes has been created to show off the new Audi in the best possible light.

Customers picking up their new cars can follow along by watching a total of 30 video screens to see exactly when their car will be handed over to them. This allows them to stay informed of the schedule and also learn about the latest offerings at the Audi Forum, such as event information, theater schedules and concerts. “Audi tv” is now shown in the Customer Center. As an additional service, traffic reports are also inserted to help make the journey home more pleasant.

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Source: AudiWorld