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Audi Q5: New pictures? No.

Audi Q5
Currently so-called “fresh pictures” of the new Audi Q5, which will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show next month, fly around the net. Regular readers of The German Car Blog know them already since last month. Make sure to read the right sources and stay up to date.

The SUV will be based on the company’s Modular Longitudinal Platform (MLP) used by the A4 and the A5. MLP allows Audi to place the longitudinally-installed engine and transmission further back behind the axle and helps stretch the wheelbase without lengthening the car’s exterior dimensions. The Q5 will be roomy enough for five people. Audi has no plan for a seven-seater version.

The SUV will share its engine range with the Audi A4 featuring four cylinder and V6 petrol engines, and TDI engines. The Q5 will likely be the first model to be equipped with the in-house seven speed dual clutch gearbox, called DSG Audi S-Tronic able to handle 405lb ft of torque.

Audi Q5

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Source: Petrol Head