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Audi Q7 Hybrid: Not making it to the US due to weak dollar

Audi Q7 Hybrid
We got the news that the Audi Q7 Hybrid will not make it to the US due to the weak dollar. Seems like all US Audi lovers have to wait for the Audi Q5 Hybrid.

The head of Audi’s brand in the U.S., Johan de Nysschen, said that the weak dollar will force Audi not to sell the Q7 hybrid on the stateside. He said Audi could not make a business case for the electric/gasoline engine hybrid.

“We will not do the hybrid Q7 as a conventional product offering,” De Nysschen said. “We will have a very low volume of cars available.” He said some Q7 hybrids will be available in the U.S. for ‘commercial’ use.

Audi will most likely offer a hybrid powertrain in the upcoming Q5 crossover which debuts in the U.S. later in 2009.

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Source: EGM Cartech