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Audi R8 Spider: Coming next year!

Audi R8 Spider
We got the news that Audi will bring the Audi R8 as a Spider version next year and will most likely favor a targa top instead of a softtop roof. Awesome!
But Car Magazine is wrong in one thing: there will be no V12 diesel for the Audi R8.

Expect to see twin speedster humps sprouting above the mid-mounted engine and a subtly truncated aluminium blade ahead of the rear wheels.

Our sources in Germany suggest that the roof of the Spider will be a removable targa affair, with detachable panels rather than a canvas hood or folding hard top. Although more flexible, the latter two would be hard to engineer with the mid-mounted engine sitting where you’d need a cubby for the lowered hood and associated mechanism. As most of these cars will be sold in warmer climes of the world’s biggest soft-top market (think Florida), targa panels shouldn’t worry typical buyers.

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Source: Car Magazine