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Audi Sport quattro: Celebrating its 25th anniversary

The Audi Sport quattro is a milestone in Audi’s long history and the wet dream of all real Audi enthusiasts. This year it’s the 25th anniversary, congrats!

Launched In 1983, the “Shorty”, as it was affectionately known, caused a sensation as the most powerful series-produced German car – it’s wheelbase was truncated by 320mm compared to the standard car.

As a commemorative exercise Audi will be represented at the 20th Techno Classica in Essen, Germany (from 26 to 30 March 2008) with the motto “25 years of Audi Sport quattro”.

All-wheel drive heritage

Five featured series-production vehicles will occupy the Audi stand in Hall Seven. As a special feature, Audi will be presenting the latest addition to its own historic collection: the notorious Audi Sport quattro Group B rally car.

There are only five remaining examples of this race car worldwide. For model car collectors Audi will now be offering a strictly limited edition – 333 units – 1:43-scale model car of the car, the first of which can be purchased at the Techno Classica.

The Audi Sport quattro has a very special story to tell. In order to keep ahead of the rally competition, the “Ur-quattro” was taken, the wheelbase was shortened and a twin-camshaft engine with four valves per cylinder was developed.

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Source: Wheels24 and The German Car TV