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Audi TT: Art in motion

Audi TT
The Seattle Times calls the Audi TT “Art in Motion” and who are we to disagree.

Designers, of course, loved it. And Audi has made the MacBook-using, Prague-summering, black turtleneck-wearing creative class something of a captive audience. The company has pushed Audis in the hands of star-chitects such as Frank Gehry and Richard Meier.

The new car is slightly bigger, slightly bolder and marginally more butch, although I still wouldn’t drive one to a NASCAR race. It retains the overall proportions of the original, which is a good thing. The biggest difference is the front grille — the signature Audi trapezoid — and the crisp, wedgy accent lines on the fuselage.

But there is no disputing that this is one great-looking car: elegant, sophisticated, this-minute-modern. The big structural change for the TT is that the current car uses Audi’s lightweight aluminum space frame construction; the previous car had a steel monocoque. The aluminum-bodied TT is vastly stiffer and more tensile, quieter and more substantial.

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Source: Seattle Times