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Bentley GTZ: Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show, pictures galore

Bentley GTZ
Here are more glossy pictures of the Bentley GTZ which was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show.

The Zagato design team faced severe technical restrictions and a need to carry over many of the original parts to maintain the dynamic integrity of this very sophisticated vehicle. Yet, despite this, the team was determined to give the car a highly distinctive character.

This they achieved with the double-bubble roof, pronounced wheelarch lines and a rounded tail, together with all-new rear combination lights. The body has a more imposing, extravagant character than the original coupé, while still retaining that solidity which is so much a part of the car’s charm. It is certainly extrovert in its styling; which is highly appropriate to a limited-production model born from two such pillars of automotive culture as Bentley and Zagato.

Bentley GTZ
Bentley GTZ

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Source: Classic Driver