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Bentley Turbo R: Caught in the classifieds

Bentley Turbo R
Honestly it will be difficult for most of us to ever own a Bentley. But, have a second thought about used cars! They are still great, just lightly older as this Bentley Turbo R from 1986. Great engine!

Not every Bentley is out of the reach of ordinary second-hand buyers, though. Take a glance at the classifieds, and you can pick up one of the firm’s saloons from as little as £5,000. Spend double that, and you can get some serious metal on your driveway – although the sheer size of this 1986 Turbo R means it’s unlikely to fit in your garage!

Naturally, it comes loaded with kit, including full leather upholstery, air-con, a CD changer, self-levelling suspension, a telephone and electrically adjustable seats. With only 73,000 miles on the clock, a full service history and a fresh MoT, this Bentley is yours for £9,995.

Bentley Turbo R

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Source: AutoExpress