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Bugatti Veyron: 220 copies found a happy owner already

Bugatti Veyron
Great news here from Bugatti announcing that 220 Bugatti Veyron have been sold already to happy owners or are on confirmed orders.

We told you last year that demand has been strong for the 16-cylinder quad-turbo model. With deposits on the $1.4 million cars quickly pushing the waiting list to over a year, Bugatti increased production last July to bring the wait to under twelve months. Simply being otherworldly drivers isn’t necessarily enough, either. With customers showing more interest in “special” cars, the factory is authorizing an “individualisation programme” to meet those requests. These days, if the “standard” Bugatti just doesn’t do it for you, there is always the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang with its polished aluminum body and unpainted carbon fiber. Not plush enough? Then try the opulent Bugatti Veyron Fbg Hermes for some exclusivity. Or, maybe you’d prefer the Bugatti Pegaso Edition instead?

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Source: Autoblog