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NSU TTS: Up for sale on eBay

Attention all Audi geeks: a very rare 1967 NSU TTS is up for sale on eBay! Great car, hurry up to get it.

In 1964, NSU introduced the 4-cylinder successor to the 2-cylinder Prinz IV minicar, the Prinz 1000.
The square and upright unibody of the Prinz IV was stretched in all dimensions, but without change in appearance, to provide the basis for the new, larger car.
Positioned in the lower end of the middle class of European economy sedans, the Prinz 1000 featured a roomy cabin for four adults, with a large glass area, and accommodating luggage area.
What separated the car from its competition was the 996cc, 48hp SOHC in-line “four” mounted in the rear, coupled with four-wheel independent suspension. Together, they made for a lively and agile compact car.
Derived from motorcycle racing technology, the lightweight engine was mounted transversely, and featured a five main bearing crankshaft.


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Source: eBay