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Porsche 911: The backbone of Porsche

Porsche 911
Porsche is increasing its model line-up with the Porsche Panamera for example, but this article explains why the Porsche 911 is and will ever be the backbone of Porsche.

Durheimer’s engineers are currently finessing the all-new Panamera, the first Porsche sedan in history. The car is scheduled to appear next year, and Durheimer promises it will drive like a proper Porsche, delivering benchmark performance and handling in the luxury-sedan sector. The Panamera has been developed from a clean sheet of paper. “It’s not often you get the opportunity to do that,” he says. “It means we have not had to compromise.”

The Panamera program, the development of the mid-engine Cayman coupe, and the ongoing evolution of the Cayenne SUV means Porsche is no longer hostage to the 911, as it has been since the early 1960s. But Durheimer insists the 911 remains at the core of Porsche. He points out it is still the company car of choice for the majority of Porsche employees lucky enough to be given one.

“Just because we have more models doesn’t mean we lose focus,” he says. “The 911 is and will remain the backbone of the company.” Even if that means hobbling the Cayman coupe to make sure it is never faster than a 911? Absolutely, says Durheimer.

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Source: Motor Trend