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Porsche Cayman S: High-definition test drive impressions from Japan

We found nice video with high-definition test drive impressions of the Porsche Cayman S, banned on video in Japan. Enjoy!

On the road.
Some things are very predictible and the handling of the Cayman S is, as you would expect, excellent. The chassis gives a lot of confidence and the Porsche Stability Management (that you, unfortunately, can’t turn off) makes the car very easy and enjoyable to drive…maybe even a little too much, making us wish we have some more horses under the bonnet…Our test vehicle was equipped with the carbon brakes option which, despite an annoying sound during the first kilometers, will simply never let you down.

Final words.
While I initially thought that the Cayman would be some kind of “Carrera wannabe”, I have to say that I was wrong and very wrong. At 60.000€, the Cayman S is clearly not as “affordable” as a Nissan 350Z or Mercedes SLK350 but those cars, no matter how good they are, are just not playing in the same category.

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Source: MGear