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Porsche Panamera: Caught in the cold

Porsche Panamera
Again the Porsche Panamera was caught in the cold during winter testing, pictures reveal a huge hatch.

These photos, snapped in Scandinavia, show us the rear of the Panamera in the best detail yet. And also show the car’s size. Length-wise the Panamera sits between the regular and long-wheelbase Mercedes S-class.

Our dead-on rear photo gives a true view of the Panamera’s shape, and shows what an unusual and brave step it was for Porsche to make its first saloon as a hatch. That slopping rear end means there’s 475 litres of space, and more when the seats fold flat.

The hatch is huge, and the pop-up rear spoiler will open with the fifth door. The spoiler is a lot smaller than previously thought, and sits just below the rear wiper.

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Source: Car Magazine