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VW: Electronic stability control becomes standard from 2009 model line

Electronic stability control
VW announced a great move towards greater safety: from 2009 electronic stability control will become standard in every model!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has previously decreed that all vehicles have to be equipped with stability control from 2012 onwards, but VW is getting there early. That makes the German automaker the first non-luxury brand to meet the new standard.

Electronic stability control, or Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) as VW prefers to call it, takes the hardware used for anti-lock brakes and traction control and adds steering angle, yaw rate and acceleration sensors. The sensors detect the difference between where the driver is requesting the car to go and where it’s actually headed and applies the brakes selectively to individual wheels to get the car following the driver’s intended path.

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Source: Autoblog, The German Car TV