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Saturday, March 01, 2008

VW Golf TDI Hybrid: First official pictures of the blue wonder

VW Golf TDI Hybrid
We are very happy to show you the first official pictures of VW's brand new diesel-electric hybrid car, the VW Golf TDI Hybrid. It's so special they even introduce a new body color for it: vivid blue! And don't forget, you found it here first.

The VW Golf TDI Hybrid will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, comes with 75 bhp and an electric engine and is said to be more than just a concept. It could hit the roads by end of 2009 as a possible engine for the new VW Golf which will be introduced this year.

Average consumption is said to be around 3.4 liters diesel per 100 kilometers, that's just 90 gramm CO2 and would be a world record for a 5-seater car. Great!

VW Golf TDI Hybrid
VW Golf TDI Hybrid
VW Golf TDI Hybrid

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Source: Autobild


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