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VW Polo: VW UK investigated for singing dog commercial

The UK authorities are now “investigating” about the abusing of a dog which appeared in the VW Polo Confidence commercial which you can see above and about which we have reported some days ago. Stupid we say.

THE RSPCA is to investigate car giant Volkswagen over a TV commercial which appears to show an “abused” dog.

A total of 260 people complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the Polo ad.

It features a singing Jack Russell – with so-called “Polo Confidence” – happily sat in the front seat of the car.

But it then cuts to shots of a shivering, distressed dog cowering by its owner in a shop.

A spokesman for Volkswagen UK said: “The dog was trained to behave in that way. It was not harmed.

“The owner was just out of shot and a vet was on hand at all times.”

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Source: The Sun